The Football League provides feeder clubs for the Premiership… Is there loyalty in the modern game?



The modern game has evolved, yet it seems many players take the support they receive from the fans and clubs that develop them for granted. It’s not just Cristiano Ronaldo that lacks loyalty and commitment (Ian Wright correctly stated as a footballer he has bundles of class, but as a man he is still found wanting). The players that display loyalty are often playing for the best clubs and earning huge amounts. It is not a surprise that Kaka has announced he has no intention of leaving AC Milan today.

Premier League clubs pick and choose youngsters from lower Football League teams.  I can’t help but think that Southampton would have evolved with Gareth Bale and Theo Walcott playing all season (Theo would undoubtedly benefit from playing a whole season). Cardiff have recently sold Ramsey to Arsenal, and lost the promising Gunter to Tottenham. Surely, both the clubs and players would have developed if they would have displayed some loyalty.

Not to mention the team that West Ham could have had if they would have stuck together when times got hard. Glen Johnson, the Ferdinand brothers, Lampard, Carrick, Noble, Joe Cole and Defoe could have provided the backbone of a team capable of winning the Premiership, yet the players were seen as disposable assets and were all too willing to jump ship. 


Is there any loyalty in the modern game?



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