Fans pay the price for ambitious clubs…



Premiership clubs are set to unveil huge increases in the price of a season ticket. Staggeringly, SIX clubs have raised the cost by more than 25%. The table below, courtesy of The Sun, shows the difference in the cheapest full price adult season ticket:

Aston Villa have made the biggest rise (32.5%), yet are still only the second most expensive in the league. To be fair, maybe they are just catching up after the dormant years of deadly Doug. Even though Thaksin Shinawatra has millions in the bank, Man City have risen there cheapest ticket by 19.7%. Maybe he’ll lower them when he gets his assets unfrozen!?

All three of the newly-promoted clubs, Stoke (16.7) , West Brom (14.3) and Hull (12.1), have increased their prices by over 12%. Blackburn (10.4) and Pompey (10.1) have increased by over 10%, with Newcastle (9.9), Spurs (9.7) and Sunderland (9.2) all increasing by over 9%. Liverpool (8.3) and Everton (6.1) have both increased by over 5%.

Arsenal have increased by just 4.5%, which seems great in comparison. But then you realise that they are still the most expensive side to follow, with the cheapest ticket at an astonishing £925! Man United (4) and West Ham (3.4) made more realistic rises.

A special note for Wigan, Fulham, Middlesbrough and Chelsea who have frozen their prices from the year before. Bolton have rewarded their fans by reducing their ticket by 14.3%, which isn’t alltogether surprising given what they have had to endure.

Given the uncertain financial climate that we find ourselves in, many clubs seem to be taking advantage of the loyalty we offer OUR teams. Shame the players don’t display the same loyalty, eh Cristiano? But how long will fans stay in an abusive relationship? Maybe the global Premier League doesn’t believe it need its local fans… I don’t think fans will ever stop following their teams, but its possible they could turn to Sky Sports and maybe even turn to the more affordable Football League for the ‘live experience’.



One Response to “Fans pay the price for ambitious clubs…”

  1. Wow that makes interesting reading! I’m shocked to see Pompey are 4th, and would hope that that’s due to the size of the ground and supply and demand. Only holding 20 000 fans means there is obviously high demand and small supply, meaning they can charge more.

    It will be interesting to see what will happen if/when they move to their new ground and have a larger capacity. Of course this argument loses merit when you look at Arsenal….

    Thing is, all the time people will pay then they will charge and they know from waiting lists that they can afford to charge this sort of money. It would take a massive effort from supporters clubs to boycott games and try and drive costs down – probably will never happen unfortunately and the club owners will continue to bite the hand that feeds them.

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