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This article takes a look at the likely outcome of the end of this Premiership season. Please note that as the season has not been played out it is impossible to accurately predict the outcome. None of the events that are mentioned in this article have actually happened yet and it could be argued that […]

  FIFA president Sepp Blatter often preaches his unwise or unworkable opinions. Maybe this time he has gone a step too far? The uncomfortable comparison between the united star’s current predicament and the slave trade is quite  astounding. Poor Ronaldo, having to survive on just £100,000 a week, having to play football nearly every day […]

  The modern game has evolved, yet it seems many players take the support they receive from the fans and clubs that develop them for granted. It’s not just Cristiano Ronaldo that lacks loyalty and commitment (Ian Wright correctly stated as a footballer he has bundles of class, but as a man he is still […]