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A Hero Global Football Fund has been formed to ‘invest’ in the potential footballing stars of the future. The fund intends to own players economic rights, in the same way that Media Sports Investments owned Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano when they moved to West Ham. There is still a heated legal battle being ensuing […]

Why is it that it seems average Premiership footballers can get paid over twenty thousand pounds a week, an annual wage of just under one million pounds a year? The top players can command salaries closer to one hundred and fifty thousand pounds a week, a staggering seven point two million pounds a year. Would […]

The Supporter Trust movement is funded and supported by the Labour Government through Supporters Direct. Amongst the aims are to give supporters the right and the power to protect the clubs they love from unscrupulous owners who do not care for the interests of the club and who wish to exploit their assets for profit. […]

Carlos Alberto Perreira, former coach of the Brazilian national team, has stated that the reason why the England National team is so poor is not because there are so many foreign players in England, but it’s because there are so few English players in other leagues. So does that mean the reason Brazil are so […]

This post will explore the structure of football in England. The pyramid system has provided the platform that allows the Premier League to flourish as the best football league in the world. The pyramid consists of over 140 leagues, 480 divisions and over 7,000 clubs. This doesn’t include the amateur game which is prevalent in […]

The Premier League format that emerged in England and that was later replicated in Scotland has been a resounding success. In 1992 the top tier of English football broke away from the Football League and has flourished with the backing of Sky TV. Scottish clubs followed suit in 1998 to form the Scottish Premier League […]

Over the last decade the global game has been lit up by an explosion of talent bursting onto the scene from Africa. The continent has evolved dramatically since the days when Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) became the first black African team to qualify for the World Cup in 1974. This foray onto […]